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Hello! Why are you looking at my journal?

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Pretty New.

I'm new. Very new. Just joined this last 30 seconds or so and I am wondering a few things about this community.

Number one, (and this is out of genuine curiosity) could people let me know whereabouts they're from? State, city... anything would be cool. I have recently moved to the US and only opened my Livejournal in August. So the idea of having things like an entire Christian forum is very new to me.

Number two. Do you post prayers...? daily events...? do you guys all know each other really well? I don't want to seem like the village idiot here but I feel I can't be embarrassed about asking questions.

Number three, has anyone here heard of Graham Cooke. For those who haven't, he's a Christian author and a speaker. I had another blog a while ago and upon conversing with people it become evident that he is much more well-known in the US than I had anticipated.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on any of these matters, if anyone has any.
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