Jesse (chordoflife) wrote in indiexiankids,

A great prayer for this season

This was from a event I went to:

from An Advent Prayer By J.Barrie Shepherd

Lord, Even in these high and holy days that lie ahead there will be valleys, quiet moments of aloneness, of desolation, of remembering loved ones absent, family members perhaps long gone, hopes that were never quite fufilled, plans and promises long shattered.

And there will be the crooked places also,When the worst of that is in us springs to life again, the heart twists, the mind turns upon itself. And we know jelaousy and malice, anger and greed. For even in these highest days we are still ourselves, your dreaming, hoping children, who can yet stumble and fall, go far astray along the way.

Make our crooked places straight by your power, not our own. Exalt the valleys of out lostness and loneliness with your love. And when the feast is over, the last gift opened, the final carol sung, stay with us and stay for us and hold us in your newborn eternal arms forever.


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