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[27 Mar 2008|08:44am]


Remember when this community used to be happening? looks like we all grew up, or out of it or something.

I just wanted to say that this place was really special to me. I made some incredible connections here, and never felt closer to God than when spending time with the kids here.

love (your brother)

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Pretty New. [07 Oct 2005|10:36pm]

I'm new. Very new. Just joined this last 30 seconds or so and I am wondering a few things about this community.

Number one, (and this is out of genuine curiosity) could people let me know whereabouts they're from? State, city... anything would be cool. I have recently moved to the US and only opened my Livejournal in August. So the idea of having things like an entire Christian forum is very new to me.

Number two. Do you post prayers...? daily events...? do you guys all know each other really well? I don't want to seem like the village idiot here but I feel I can't be embarrassed about asking questions.

Number three, has anyone here heard of Graham Cooke. For those who haven't, he's a Christian author and a speaker. I had another blog a while ago and upon conversing with people it become evident that he is much more well-known in the US than I had anticipated.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on any of these matters, if anyone has any.
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GodlyGals! [02 Feb 2007|04:35pm]

(cross-posted to godly_gals and other Christian communities)
Here are a few things that are going on right now at the GodlyGals message board:

Quiet times & Devotions
Water Baptizing
Preferred translation?
UNITY on GodlyGals
How do you handle temptation?
Dating nonbelievers?
Is your family Christian?
Signs from God
Read more...Collapse )

Join us and check it out!
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[29 Jan 2007|04:54pm]

this will really change your perspective on life and helping others.
seriously, it's worth the read.
i took all the pictures this past christmas when i went to Maramures, Romania on a mission trip.
Seriously, click the link, read, and please comment.
I've got to try to get these policies changed.
Please read and pray.

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Lectio Divina [23 Jan 2007|10:12pm]

We did this as a group for a Bible Study..

Praise the LORD, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits- who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

-Psalm 103

and here's the verse that stuck out:

"Who redeems your life from the pit".

It's just so relevant to all the stress i'm going through with work, the tears, the feeling of being overwhelmed by having to do everything at once. At the end we asked for God to speak through the reading and what I got was "Turn away, and look forward". I guess I need to pray ( and get prayer) on this answer. If I don't turn away now, my stress level will make me sick or mentally ill.
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The Gates of DisdaiN Are Now Open... [23 Jan 2007|10:54am]

(cross posted)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have just completed my new website. It will serve as an Official "home" of yours truly. There, you'll have the opportunity to learn anything and everything there is to know about me. Anybody that knows me, knows that I can't stay in one place for very long... at least .. (4 different LiveJournals, 1 GreatestJournal, 1 DeadJournal, and 2 MySpace profiles). More importantly, it will serve as somewhat of an extension of Warclub Ministries, packed full of various lessons and teachings, etc... even though Warclub no longer exists. Feel free to check it out at:



P.S. - If you have a good fast DSL or cable modem, and flash installed on your computer, make sure you turn your speakers up. There's music on the main page of every section!
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book question [22 Jan 2007|01:05pm]

Sorry if this slightly-off-topic isn't allowed, but are there any Donald Miller (the Christian writer) communities around here on LJ?

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[18 Jan 2007|09:05am]

cross-posted to godly_gals

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. - 1 Corinthians 10:13
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Goings on at GodlyGals! [14 Jan 2007|11:26pm]

cross-posted to godly_gals and other Christian communities

Here are a few things that are going on right now at the GodlyGals message board:Collapse )
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[11 Jan 2007|03:54pm]

we should be more thankful.
even if we think were thankful, we should be even moreso.
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[09 Jan 2007|11:26pm]

you = need to pray for me
im about to get on a bus
to go to budapest
then im flying to frankfurt, germany
meeting momz and rest of group
then flying to atlanta.
ill be home about 5 or 6ish tmro afternoon.
just pray i get there safetly and without hassle. traveling has never made me this anxious
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A great prayer for this season [24 Dec 2006|06:20am]

This was from a event I went to:

from An Advent Prayer By J.Barrie Shepherd

Lord, Even in these high and holy days that lie ahead there will be valleys, quiet moments of aloneness, of desolation, of remembering loved ones absent, family members perhaps long gone, hopes that were never quite fufilled, plans and promises long shattered.

And there will be the crooked places also,When the worst of that is in us springs to life again, the heart twists, the mind turns upon itself. And we know jelaousy and malice, anger and greed. For even in these highest days we are still ourselves, your dreaming, hoping children, who can yet stumble and fall, go far astray along the way.

Make our crooked places straight by your power, not our own. Exalt the valleys of out lostness and loneliness with your love. And when the feast is over, the last gift opened, the final carol sung, stay with us and stay for us and hold us in your newborn eternal arms forever.


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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! [19 Dec 2006|04:39pm]











Friday 19th January @ Cargo, 83 Rivington Street, London, EC2
Doors 9pm-3am

Tickets £10 from www.ticketweb.co.uk
£8 guestlist available from www.leylinepromotions.com

For all details see www.myspace.com/theremix

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Goings on at GodlyGals [15 Dec 2006|12:05pm]

Here are a few things that are going on right now at the GodlyGals message board:

Daily Devotional
Favorite Verses
Wash your hands, wash your heart
Saving Sex for Marriage -- It's Biblical!
Star of Wonder
Why I love JESUS
Consuming alcohol
Long Distance Relationships
How many siblings do you have?

Join us and check it out!
godly_gals is a community on LJ, but that is just a small part of what it is. The ministry also has a community forum that is growing with each day. If you would like to find out more about GodlyGals, please read our Statement of Faith.
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My job is a battle.. [13 Dec 2006|06:22am]

[ mood | okay ]

a battle spiritually and emotionally. Because other's can read this, i'm not going to get into details, but it's very stressfull and I feel under attack spiritually as I go about my work. I could use all the prayer I can get. I found myself reading Psalms 4 and 6 and it helped, but i'm still a bit upset. I know God is using me in my position, but I feel like he could have my back just a LITTLE bit more (sorry God!).

To the other guy on this site who was feeling beat up at work: We should talk.. give me your AIM sn.

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Employment [02 Dec 2006|09:06am]

I've been in search of a new job for some time now. In an effort to keep this short, I'll bulletpoint the rest:

*Current job is sucking me dry - spiritually, emotionally, etc.
*Have an interview for a new job today
*Please say a prayer

If you feel like doing some lengthy prayer, then feel free. Something as simple as "Help him, Lord," would be fine as well. God knows who you're talking about and the circumstances surrounding it all.
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[28 Nov 2006|02:30pm]

Here are a few things that are going on right now at the GodlyGals message board:

The Nativity Story
Lessons God is teaching you
Daily Devotional - Family Prayers
BA staff member suspended for cross ... parliament involved
Small Group Bible Study
GG BOOK CLUB Nomination Topic - December 2006
Sibling Rivalry
New Christians

Join us and check it out!
(Cross-posted many places from godly_gals)
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Destination: Life [22 Nov 2006|02:39pm]

Hello. I just wanted to let every one know about a brand new e-zine for Christian youth called Destination: Life. It features interviews, testimonies, mini-sermons, fashion tips, essays (written by your's truely), and more. It only cost $1 to order. For more info go to Destination: Life's Myspace page.
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[14 Nov 2006|05:27pm]

my friend ryan carruth posted this, i just think more people need to read it.
his personal xanga: http://www.xanga.com/chikennose

"...the way to God lies through deep darkness in which all knowledge and all created wisdom and all pleasure and prudence and all human hope and human joy are defeated and annulled by the overwhelming purity of the light and the presence of God (209)."

It shames me to admit, but any claim that I believe in spiritual death as a part of the spiritual interior life is completely deceptive. I've deceived myself and you all by making such grand claims to the dying and rebirth that takes place on every level of life - both natural and spiritual - wait. No, those claims themselves weren't false. I believe them. But I don't make myself a part of them. What is dying to me? Taking a TV and computer out of my room? Spending a few minutes in prayer? Not being lustful with my girlfriend? Not overeating?


The saints make me ashamed. How did they die?

"I sold my law practice, sold everything to the poor, preached, then started a women's hospital (St. Andrew Fournet)."

"I walked naked through the city, sold everything I owned, worked with the lepers, and cared for the poor (St. Francis of Assisi)."

"I worked with the poor, dying, sick, and lonely for my entire life - my feet were deformed because I always took the worst made shoes out of the pile, so my brothers and sisters might have better ones (Mother Theresa of Calcutta)."

I am ashamed.

(I'm sorry if these gross oversimplifications of these beautiful saints' lives offend you - I, of course, did so only in the interest of brevity)
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[13 Nov 2006|07:28am]

In a recent devotional by Elisabeth Elliot, she listed 8 questions to ask before a church should decide to boot out a pastor.

(taken from godly_gals and GodlyGals boards)

"Before we take such a position of sovereignty, assuming we know the root of the trouble and are warranted in enforcing our "solution," might we not ask ourselves a few questions? (I do not refer here, of course, to cases which unequivocally call for dismissal, such as immorality or heresy.)

1. Who called this pastor? Was it the bishop? The church? Was the decision prayed over? Do we believe in the Holy Spirit's guidance?
2. Do we understand the shepherd of the flock to be one who bears responsibility and authority? "Encourage and rebuke with all authority" was the apostle Paul's word to a young shepherd (Titus 2:15, NIV). To Timothy he said, "Command and teach" (1 Timothy 4:11, NIV). "Obey your leaders and submit to their authority...so that their work will be a joy, not a burden" (Hebrews 13:17, NIV). Have we respected that divine assignment?
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[08 Nov 2006|05:11pm]

Elisabeth Elliot devotionalCollapse )

(cross-posted to godly_gals and other Christian communities. taken from the GodlyGals boards.)

[26 Oct 2006|09:34am]

Here are a few things that are going on right now at the GodlyGals message board:

God's Word is firm
World Bible School
Daily Devotional
Verse of the Day!
Prayer Request List
Amish Culture
To Date or Not To Date
"One Night With The King"
Favorite Praise Songs

Join us and check it out!
(Cross-posted many places)
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A Howard update of sorts [07 Oct 2006|10:21pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Howard, my family friend who died recently, had a service today. The family is holding up as best they can but they told me they are "tired", especially his wife Nancy. The service was packed with 350 people, alot of them from the school he worked at and the Mayor of Bridgeport commeroated October 5th in his honor. He was an amazing man who did so much for everyone, and we are all really REALLY sad about the loss.

Still, the last word's of Romans 37-39 hit home:

" For I am convinced that neither death, nort life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come,
nor powers, nor heightm nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to seperate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord".

How fitting for a funeral?

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a big thank you for your prayers [03 Oct 2006|01:25pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

For those of you who remembered to pray for my friend, Howard, thank you. Sadly, Howard lost his battle with infection due to other complications and died this morning around 2:30 AM. He leaves a son, a wife, a large family, and his school behind. We miss him dearly and are all sad yet relieved that he is a peace. Please pray for his family as they pick themselves up and grieve the loss.

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[03 Oct 2006|11:47am]

i got this in a myspace bulletin and thought it was worth sharing. hope you enjoy it!

By: Theodore Mousetis

Too often I treat Jesus like a needle and thread.

Lost your job? Sew some Jesus on it. Broken heart? Sew some Jesus on it. Confused about life? Sew some Jesus on it.

I think it’s an idea a way that most of our Christian society approaches Jesus.

I just learned how to sew about two weeks ago. I decided that I didn’t want to spend money on new clothes and instead I would just repair my old jeans, which as of now have big holes in the knees. I know that the hole look is in, but I don’t like holes in my jeans because that means they are dying and I want to have them as long as I can, so hence the sewing.

Let’s take a pair of pants for example. Let’s say that these pants are our lives. As we all know there will be times when our lives start to fall apart and we will develop holes in our jeans.

Now when I use my needle and thread Jesus to patch up my life all I really have is a bunch of Jesus patches on my life. I place Jesus where I need him but where I think I’m okay I don’t have any need for him. Is this you? Do you use needle and thread Jesus?

I’ve been seeing this in my life. There are a lot of areas of my life where I don’t let Jesus take over and with my needle and thread Jesus it works because I am in control and I give him the spaces that I want and he is okay with that, right? But these are my areas right? I am okay; I don’t need help with this stuff. It’s okay that I sometimes masturbate and it’s okay that I fantasize about having sex with women and it’s okay that I judge people and it’s okay that I sometimes hate people. I don’t really need to work on those areas because they are only sometimes right? For the most part I am okay, and I have “Jesus patches” where I need them and yea I might need some there, but not as bad, right?

The more I read what Jesus says and see what he does the more and more my ‘life’ and my needle and thread Jesus theory get ruined. Like when Jesus says, “I am the vine and you are the branches” he crushes my theory. He isn’t even saying patch up all of your pants, he is saying “I am the pants and you are the patches.” After he says that he is the vine he says that “his Father is the gardener” So in my case God is the pants maker.

The more I think about this the more I see that my theory is working against God. He isn’t a patch, he is the pants. And whoever wears the pants in a relationship, is boss right?

I am tired of being satisfied with Jesus patches, I want the whole thing. Yeah it is going to change my life more and more everyday, but I am ready. Are you ready? Are we as a church ready to make that a reality? What are we waiting for? It’s my prayer that all of us throw away our junk and stop using Jesus as a patch and just follow him. We can do it though. It seems impossible sometimes because of all the skeletons we have in our closet but let’s get those skeletons out, let’s fall on our knees and beat our chests and start the revolution that Jesus calls us to. A revolution of hope and love and promise and grace and joy. I know I’m not talking about pants anymore but I am talking about us and what we can do. We all have our part; we are all part of the pants. Let’s stop waiting, let’s stop talking and let’s start doing.

I need Jesus; I need to follow him because I see his way as a better way. I am screwed up, I have a lot of crap in my life, but I am ready to get rid of it and go. Are you ready?
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